Alexis Ford is Feeling Hot and Horny

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bleached blonde sex-queen Alexis Ford is all decked out in red, white, and blue. Her blue mini skirt hugs her slim hips and the red shirt against her lacy bra caresses her firm breasts, ensuring that somewhere, someone’s rocket is ready to go off.

She lifts her skirt, sharing her pretty little red lacy panties with you, while her beautiful breasts spring free of all the confining material. Her taut nipples look like they are just aching to feel your tongue against them.

Finally, she removes the clothes and models her lovely lingerie for you, knowing that you’re aching to see her completely naked body. When she takes everything off and proudly poses completely naked, you know that somewhere, naughty little angels are singing. Enjoy the delicious view, especially when she spreads her pussy lips for you so you can see where she really needs some attention.

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Alexis Ford Drops the Skirt For Your Pleasure

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You’ve found yourself in luck! Alexis Ford just got home from a big night out and is already stripping down. Top’s already off and soon this lacy bra will be as well.

This tarted up babe wants to spend the night making you hot and horny and the first step to that is be losing the brazier and giving you a good eyeful of those huge fake tits of hers. They’re her prized possession and she knows full well that she can make any man do whatever she pleases with them.

Her second weapon of choice is right behind that little leopard print thong she has on. If you’ve been craving the tight pink hole of hers, then you are one fortunate man. Alexis doesn’t fuck around when it comes to pleasing and she spreads that bare pussy open for you, giving you the exact place of where she wants some dick.

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Alexis Ford Can’t Get Enough Money or Cock

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Alexis Ford has been using Johnny’s father as her sugar daddy for awhile now. Every time Johnny sees Alexis come home with a bounty of new purchases he can almost see the money hemorrhaging from his dad’s bank account. However when she wants to give Johnny a sexy fashion show how can he not resist tasting some of his daddy’s warm pink pie.

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Alexis Ford Tries to Fuck Over Her Boss

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Office workers Alexis Ford, Angelina Valentine, Kagney Linn Karter, Phoenix Marie think they have the goods on their boss Keiran Lee. They just found an incriminating video among his things and plan on using it to their advantage. Keiran is willing to give them what they want without a fight as long as they provide him with some of what he craves first.

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Alexis Ford Gets An Erotic Rub Down

Friday, August 12, 2016

Melissa has had just about enough of her BFF Alexis Ford’s cunty behavior. Cleverly Melissa signs Alexis up for a massage with Keiran. She knows he has the skills to adjust sore muscles and the type of cock that can adjust a bitchy attitude as well.

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Alexis Ford is the Horniest Cheerleader Ever

Sunday, August 7, 2016

When the football team is on a losing streak and needs to get their spirits back up, cheerleaders Alexis Ford and Courtney Cummz are ready for action! These two very horny babes give the team everything they got to get the boys back in the game. In fact, they have so much team spirit that they even give it to the team’s coach just to make sure their school is going to win.

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Alexis Ford Does All She Can For Her Co-Workers

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

At ZZ Corp all employees are entitled to some of the finest treatments. They want to ensure that their staff is relaxed, working hard, and overall liking what they do for the company. Alexis Ford is part of the staff that makes this all possible. If someone wants something, she makes it happen – if that means titty-fucking between paperwork and meetings, than so be it!

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Alexis Ford Takes Shower Outside

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Penthouse has Alexis Ford all dolled up looking like a cross between Barbie and Marilyn Monroe. She’s got the classic look of both of them but with her own salacious twist on them. This blond bombshell can’t help but look like a vamped up over sexed version of herself no matter what she’s doing.

After a dip in the pool she wants to rinse off all that nasty chlorine, so thankfully there was an outdoors shower right there. That warm water is such a nice contrast on her skin compared to how the pool was. The warming sensation spreads through her whole body. Something about this feeling makes her pussy tingle.

Alexis lets the wet suit drop to the bottom of the shower. The golden haired siren is only thinking of one thing as her hands run along her bare flesh. Her big tits pert, nipples perky, and as wet as she’s getting from the shower, her pussy is getting even wetter from the dirty thoughts she’s having!

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Alexis Ford is a hot and busty married wife who cheats on her husband with her friend

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alexis Ford left something back at her friend’s abode. Her friend is out, but her friend’s old man, Erik, is around. Alexis determines what she was looking for….her pink pair of panties. Erik is perplexed as to why Alexis would leave her panties at his abode. Apparently, Alexis and Erik’s old lady had a bit too much to drink the other night and started experimenting with each other. Erik’s jealous, of lesson, because he didn’t get in on the action, but Alexis is more than willing to make it up to him by showing him some of the many things he did with his wife.

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Alexis Ford has hot sex with big cocked guy who is married.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Alexis Ford is catering a cocktail party for Karlo and his wifey, but his spouse isn’t house at the moment. He invites her in to have a seat and wait for her, but when they get to talking, he determines that she’s not married, but enjoys being with married gentlemen. He’s overcome by a wave of discomfort, but when Alexis kneels into his lap and tells him that she’s very discreet, he starts to relax. His big member gets rigid for the cocktail waitress, and she whips up her favorite for him: the suckjob. The married man bangs his mistress while his wife is out … so half of her services are rendered.

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Alexis Ford gets banged by a big cock

Monday, July 18, 2016

Alexis Ford invites her boyfriend’s buddy James over for a sit-down. She knows that he’s aware that her guy is cheating on her, and she’s hurt that James wouldn’t tell her about it. James says he wanted to say something, but that he couldn’t betray his best friend’s trust. Alexis, with her big breasts and fat ass, throws the guilt on James, asking him when she’ll be allowed her fun … with his organ. He remains loyal and says no … for a good ten seconds, until her nipples are in his mouth.

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Alexis Ford is Penthouse Pet of the Month June 2012

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Penthouse this month has named Alexis Ford as the official Penthouse Pet for June 2012! This comes as no surprise seeing Alexis is one of the most gorgeous models on the scene. She has a statuesque body that leaves men from all over the globe wanting to worship this modern day goddess.

These photos of Alexis show off just how incredible she is. The lacy teal bra and panties she has on hug her every curve. The way her necklace drapes along her big luscious tits and hangs in her cleavage draws your eyes in. There’s something hypnotizing about this babe, you simply cannot look away.

Alexis’ stunning good looks are something you can’t ignore. That come-hither look in her bedroom eyes demands that you stay focused on her. You wouldn’t want to miss her show would you? She can be the ultimate cocktease, giving you only glimpses of her body but if you wait around long enough, she’ll show you everything once she deems you worthy of it.

From her beautifully made up face to her large round tits and down to that perfect pink pussy of hers, everything about her screams ‘incredible’.

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Alexis Ford is the Corrupted Barbie Doll

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Alexis Ford is a complete girlie girl. She’s always been a lover of pink and now, even when she’s naughty it’s her color of choice. This blonde bombshell has on some simple pink bra and panties but you just wait – the best is yet to come.

That long bleached blonde hair gives her the ultimate sex doll look and that pearl necklace around her neck stirs all kinds of mixed feelings. The purity, the elegance, and the complete corruption of both of those.

She presses those giant tits together and pouts and all you can think about is what you wanna stick between those pursed lips! This naughty babe is surrounded by so many subtle messages of sexuality that you might miss them at first, the one you surely can’t miss though is that warm pink spot between her thighs that she’s dying to have filled.

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Alexis Ford Pretty in Peach Lingerie

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Blonde bombshell babe, Alexis Ford, is a stunning vision in peach bra and panties and an absolute delight stripping out of them.

With her plump lips begging to be kissed and big tits getting plenty of exposure, the hot pornstar takes the opportunity to present her body without modesty. She spreads that perfect pussy wide!

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Alexis Ford Unzipped and Exposed

Friday, July 1, 2016

Alexis Ford looks like a beautiful bad ass wearing a black leather jacket and unzipping her trampy bra and panties.

The smoking hot fake boobs blonde strips to show her ample rack and pussy so pink that you’ll never forget it.

Alexis opens her legs and stares steamily into the camera lens.

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Alexis Ford is a Girlfriend for Hire

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Alexis Ford is a girlfriend for hire and in this scene she shows up at a hotel room to help out a guy going through divorce. He has never been with anyone but his wife, so it is up to Alexis to show him what else is out there.

The big boobs blonde listens to her client as he details his situation and is very understanding. She knows just what he needs and she is going to provide.

Watch as Alexis lets him relieve his stress in her tight pink pussy hole. She sucks, fucks, and drains his cum.

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Alexis Ford Becomes a Slave

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Alexis Ford has been a very naughty wife. She has sinned against her husband and attempts to right her wrongs by becoming his slave.

With her big tits and tight pussy now his personal property, her husband is abusing the privilege and exploiting his pretty wife for all that she is worth.

Watch Alexis get dominated until she squirts and wears a cum facial.

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Alexis Ford Strips With a Mountain View

Saturday, June 18, 2016

You may have to stare at these images for quite a while before you can see that there are mountains in the background. No, it isn’t an optical illusion, it is just that Alexis Ford is so scene stealing that it is hard to be able to see beyond her beauty.

The sexy blonde strips off her polka dot panties and cotton top. She poses sweetly to give you views of her supple still-natural breasts and turns to show off her cute perky ass in a mouthwatering softcore display.

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Alexis Ford Goes Deep

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Alexis Ford and Juelz Ventura take the lead in this porn version of blockbuster film, Inception. These hot babes go deep into the mind of hung stud Johnny to extract much more than information!

Alexis heads to his room and opens her coat to show him the body he’s dreamed of – dressed in sexy lingerie and stockings. Johnny doesn’t put up a fight as she pleasures his cock with her wet mouth and shows her big boobs and pussy too.

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Alexis Ford Lipstick and Lingerie

Friday, June 10, 2016

Alexis Ford has been very busy lately showing off her great big new boobs at every opportunity and we are thoroughly enjoying the titty show!

Somehow managing to get hotter with every new photoshoot, the platinum blonde vixen goes heavy on the lipstick and equally indulgent on the sex appeal for this set.

See as Alexis seductively strips the red lingerie from off of her awesome body. Her large breasts are hypnotic and her spread ass looks like a sinner’s heaven.

Stripping down to nothing but her garter belt and stockings, Alexis uses a glass dildo to deeply penetrate her slick pink pussy in delicious detail.

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